Learning Transformable and Plannable se(3) Features for Scene Imitation of a Mobile Service Robot

Abstract: Deep neural networks facilitate visuosensory inputs for robotic systems. However, the features encoded in a network without specific constraints have little physical meaning. In this research, we add constraints on the network so that the trained features are forced to represent the actual twist coordinates of interactive objects in a scene. The trained coordinates describe 6d-pose of the objects, and SE(3) transformation is applied to change the coordinate system. This algorithm is developed for a mobile service robot that imitates an object-oriented task by watching human demonstrations. As the robot has mobility, the video demonstrations are collected from different viewpoints. Our feature trajectories of twist coordinates are synthesized in the global coordinate after SE(3) transformation is applied according to robot localization. Then, the trajectories are trained as probabilistic model and imitated by the robot with geometric dynamics of se(3). Our main contribution is to develop a trainable robot with visually demonstrated human performances. Additionally, our algorithmic contribution is to design a scene interpretation network where se(3) constraints are incorporated to estimate 6d-pose of objects.


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